Earn $$ answering questions about college life.

 High school students have questions about college life, and you have all the answers! Earn money by answering questions from high school students, offering advice about your major, and sharing your college experiences on Studence. 

We're looking for college students who:

Are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at a 4-year university or 4-year college in the United States of America (USA)

Are pursing degrees in one or more of the following majors: STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math), business and management, health professions, political science or humanities.


Create your profile and select  the topics you can chat about.

Get started on Studence by creating your profile and choosing which topics you'd be open to answering questions about. You can then create short videos sharing your unique perspective on those topics to encourage high school students to discover you and ask you questions. 

Answer questions from high school students in three different ways.

High school students can ask you for answers to their questions in three different ways: text message answers, pre-recorded video answers, or one-on-one video chat and you'll earn a different amount for each type of answer. Each time a high school student has asked you a specific question you'll receive a text message notification and you'll have time to respond when it is convenient for you. 


What kind of college students can sign up on Studence?

College students currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at a U.S. university can sign up on Studence. We are currently focused on inviting college students studying biological sciences, medicine, healthcare, or physical sciences to join our beta program on Studence.

How can I earn money on Studence?

It's super simple: you can earn money by answering questions about college life from high schools students. To help high school students to discover you and ask you questions, you can create short videos sharing your perspective on college life topics. Each short video that you create helps high school students learn about college life and can help you to earn more money by helping more high school students to discover your unique perspective and ask you more questions.

How do I get paid on Studence?

During our beta program, we are compensating college students via Visa online gift cards.

Earn $25 just for signing up & completing your profile.

Complete the actions below to earn a $25 online Visa gift card when you get started with Studence*!

1. Sign up and verify your university email address 

Sign up with your university email address (must end in ".edu")

2. Add your bio and profile pic

Add your profile picture and a bio that is at least 3 sentences 

3. Upload three (3) short videos on the app

  • Video 1:  "About Me" video - Create a short video (less than 1 minute) that includes: your name, major, and university, and anything else you'd like to share (on the app click the "upload" button and choose "About Me" as the topic)
  • Video 2 and 3: "Topic" Video - Create two (2) short videos (Less than 1 minute) from the list of topics on the app (on the app click the "upload" button to view topics)

Studence is a social app where high school students learn about college life by talking to the right college students.

Questions? Contact us at team@studence.app 


*The $25 compensation for profile completion incentive program is subject to end at any time at the discretion of Studence and Takeoff Point.